Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Once in a while unconnected events have a way of converging in the most unexpected ways, delivering coincidences that inspire conspiracy theories but eventually only serve up a good shrug of the shoulders.

Last weekend DickCheney- in full eulogy mode - effusively praised Gerald Ford's debatable decision to pre-emptively pardon Richard Nixon for all crimes and misdemeanors (what if he had been revealed to be a pedophile?). Cheney told an audience that the pardon was an exemplary act of the kind of exceptional executive authority that he and the sitting president find so noble.

While Cheney was waxing nostalgiac about his former boss, in Baghdad, a practicioner of another ilk of extreme executive authority was swinging from the gallows of a execution chamber that looked very much like a converted broom closet. Hardly the kind of inglorious end that Saddam Hussein had envisoned for his vain glorious self but certainly not unexpected given his conviction on the murder of 140 plus citizens.

With a Democratic Congress being called into session and the Democratic leadership having given warning that investigations into the administrations conduct, before and during the Iraqi War, are forthcoming, watching Hussein hung and Cheney extolling the virtues of "pardons" causes one to chuckle at a preposterous motive behind the Veeps comments.

No matter, it does look as if Cheney is hoping to take out a little insurance against the possibilty of indictment and its potential consequences. If things get too hot before the end of Bush's term, perhaps we'll see resignations offered in exchange for exoneration.

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