Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The timing of the Mark Foley scandal is beginning to look suspicious.

Only late last month Richelieu Rove promised the Republican faithful that an 'October Surprise" was forthcoming just in the nick of time to save their pork from a November roasting at the hands of an electorate grown tired of incompetance and malfeasance in Iraq, hyper-expansion of the national debt and a domestic insecurity still reeling from last years boffo performance of Homeland Security in New Orleans.

Why now? It's been substantiated that House leadership was aware of this as far back as 2003 and wise men in charge decided that a strong broom and thick carpet were all that was required to make the Florida Republican's indiscrections go away.

Could it be that Foley has been thrown under the bus in order to distract voters from the rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq? Sex scandals always triumph over real issues when vying for the public's limited attention span and the more prurient the scandal, the better.

I mean we're talking sex here; even better we're talking homosexual sex; and even better than that, we're talking homosexual sex with minors. As Edwin Edwards, former Governor of Louisiana famously said, "The only way I can lose is if they find me in bed with a dead girl or a live boy." Well, these boys are very much alive.

Could Cardinal Karl be deflecting attention away from Bob Woodward's latest book, "State of Denial" which presents conclusive evidence that Condi Rice was warned of an Al-Queda attack by then CIA Director George Tenet in July of 2001?

How far would Rove go to limit the public's awareness that Henry Kissinger, the architect of illegal warfare in Cambodia and the assassination of Salvador Allende in Chile is now a trusted advisor in the Bush White House according to Woodward (and substantiated by a taped conversation between the author and VP Cheney)?

From The Booklist's synopsis of 'The Architect, Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Power":
Rove has engineered plans to use the antiabortion stance to attract Catholics, the anti-gay stance to attract black churchgoers, and the pro-Israel stance to attract Jews. Moore and Slater trace Rove's fingerprints on the Bush campaign for Texas governor, where he honed his skills at surreptitious campaigns to smear opponents, often with hints at their sexual orientation.

How far would Rove go to hold power? All the way , baby!! And that includes sacrificing a member of your own party because you can blame the Democrats for politicizing the issue.

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