Saturday, July 15, 2006


What a difference a Cold War makes! Twenty years ago if the Israeli's and Hezbollah had been going at it the way they are today, the world would be poised for WWW 3 with the US and Soviet warships circling one another in the Mediteranean like the Jets and the Sharks.

NORAD would be on high alert as would NATO and the UN would be making resolutions like a drunk in a holding tank on New Years Eve. The world would be staring into its TV sets anticipating a mushroom cloud to show up in someone's backyard.

News outlets would have been broadcasting the litany of 'diplomatic efforts" underway to bring an end to the situation and 'cease-fire' would be the immediate end game in sight.

Not today, not now. With the bi-polar power axis long since buried in history, two ancient semitic peoples have the chance to blow each other into eternity without interference from two nuclear superpowers: in other words, they get to slit each others throats like they've been doing for 5000 years and don't have to look over their shoulders for big brother.

That is until the current president gets the good word from the Lord on what role the US should be playing in bringing on the End of Times. Then the $3.50 a gallon gasoline will get added to the fire and a regional, tribal blood letting will become another foreign faux pas a la george.

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