Saturday, February 11, 2006


Just after Katrina had busted levees and sent walls of death dealing water through the streets of New Orleans, the Bushies attempted to deflect blame for the inept Federal response by telling the world that it wasn't the right time to be pointing fingers.

Apparently February is National Finger Pointing Month because the fingers have all come out to point, and Mike "Great Job Brownie", the icon of incompetance and FEMA flop is aiming an index digit right at the White House.

Mike isn't too happy being the whipping boy for the cluster fuck. One can only speculate that Dick Cheney didn't offer enough Halliburton stock to silence the erstwhile Arabian pony pusher.

Scooter Libbey seems to have told his former boss, Cheney, to take his loyalty oath and shove it. His blaming finger is pointed right in the direction of the Veep. Et tu, Scooter? Halliburton stock must not be as popular as it once was.

From the "911 Emergency Oxymoron Department".
Yoga goes competative. No shit. First this Bikram goof tries to copyright yoga poses that have been twisting people into knots for 5000 years. Then somebody wants to inject fear, envy, ambition and all the other pettiness found in figure skating and gymnastics into an activity that was supposed to provide a respite from those tortures.

Can't wait to see someone accuse a rival of using a non-regulation mat or a banned substance in pursuit of the perfect dead man's pose.

Next up: "The World Championships of Meditation"

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