Saturday, January 28, 2006


Time to dust off the old Christa McAuliffe jokes. The mainstream media loves recycling old tragedies by heralding their anniversery as a moment of national reflection. It's good for business, especially when there are no new national tragedies to report or a a dearth of young white women reported missing in exotic locales.

Strangely enough, an entire generation of Americans has come of age knowing NASA only as an incompetent bureacracy whose cavalier attitude toward the safety of its own astronauts results in losing 7 of them every 10 years. That's light years away from the somewhat incompetent bureacracy that managed to get a LEM on the moon.

James Frey, who in the past tense is delightfully known as, James Fried, is the subject of great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth now that his supposed memoir of self destruction and redemption has been proven to be a novel of what little Jimmy wished he had been if he'd had the balls.

Shocking isn't it that a junkie, whose entire drug addled existence depended on deception, deceit and screwing over other people, might employ the same character traits to scam a gullible and greedy publishing house as well as America's pusher of belles lettres, Oprah?

I can't wait for the sequel: "A Million Little Dollars from a Million Little Suckers"

Want to real a real book that will never see the studio lights at Oprah? Try this one.

More proof ( as if it were needed) that CNN Sucks. In Poland, a roof on a public building collapses in Poland as a result of snow pack. More than 30 people die. CNN runs a photo on its web site showing a survivor being led to safety. The caption describes the person as "wounded". Wounded?

'Wounds' occur in battle, street fights, shoot outs and in domestic distubances when liquor, handguns and a past due Visa bill all show up in the kitchen at the same time. 'Injuries', on the other hand, are sustained when you get tossed from your bike by a Metro Bus, pull a hamsting on your way to first base or in this instance, when a roof falls in.

Then again, CNN refers to Larry King as a journalist.

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