Sunday, November 20, 2005


The White House is looking more desperate than a Cubs fan in September.
Polls are showing that Bush and Cheney approval ratings have reached lower than whale shit numbers and George II is on his way to acheiving a Nixonian ignomy. That's why 5 Draft Deferments Cheney was unleashed this week to lecture the country on why the administrations' abject incompetence is tantamount to patriotism.

Give that boy a National Medial of Freedom!!

You know it's over for these monkey's when a Ford pick-up with Missouri plates is seen sporting a "This Guy is Worse than Nixon" bumper sticker.

Don't be surprised if "Terror Alerts" become more frequent as we glide into the Holiday Season. Rove & Company understand that FEAR = GOOD POLL NUMBERS and what better way to crank up the American anxiety meter than specious intelligence about Al Queda and shopping malls that can be conveniently dropped in the the lap of local officials?

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