Sunday, September 18, 2005


This week, the finest medical care available will attend to VP Dick Cheney as a popliteal aneurysm is removed from the area behind his right knee. No doubt that an extensive amount of planning will take place prior to surgery and that everything required for success, and then some, will be provided to the physicians performing the procedure.

Doctors have known of Cheney's condition since his annual physical in July and will be ready to go and equipped to the teeth, as they should be.

Compare this scenario with FEMA's 2000 warning that a major hurricane and flood in New Orleans was one of three potential catastrophies that would be damaging to the entire country: four years worth of prep time.

If the federal government's Katrina response were applied to Cheney's aneurysm, the director of the hospital would be on vacation and the assistant director would be shopping for toney real estate in another part of the country just as Cheney is rolled into surgery. All the necessary medical supplies would be sitting in the store room and the key would be missing; the supervising surgeon would have trained at a combination plumbing school and riding academy and would be looking for a "Southwest Getaway Fare".

The VP would be sedated for hours before anyone bothered to check his vital signs and by the time the surgical team actually showed up he'd be comatose. The PR Director of the hospital would arrive before the head nurse was handed charts and the attending physicians would be made to memorize talking points before they scrubbed.

The patient would lose an arm, his pancreas, a kidney and his left ear before they got to his leg.
The director and assistant director would show up long enough to assure the patient things everything was under control and sign a reconctructive surgery contract with a private physician who happens to be their nephew.

The entire adminstrative staff would then hold a prayer meeting asking for a natural disaster or celebrity shooting to deflect the biased attention they're receiving from the liberal media.

One thing we can be sure of when they open Dick's leg , the doctor applying the scalpel won't have a son or daughter in Iraq and he won't be from New Orleans.

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