Saturday, August 13, 2005


The Bush Kleptocracy has now directed its fear mongering efforts at the next spoke in the axis of evil, Iran. Get ready, kiddies. the same avalanche of BS used to get America behind the invasion of Iraq is about to be recycled and respun as the Pirates of the Potomac expand the market for the post war reconstruction and torture services of their pals at Halliburton, CACI and Titan.

The troubling thought is Iran could have a river of weapons grade uranium; but who in their right mind puts their trust in this thoroughly mendacious administration which hasn't told the truth since the first plane hit the World Trade Center?

Today, the Vacationer-in-Chief rattled his chicken hawk sabers at Tehran, declaring military options wouldn't be ruled out when it comes to halting Iran's nuclear capability.

Last week, Secretary of Dragoon Rumsfeld held a press conference to declare that bombs used in attacks inside Iraq were "clearly and unambiguously from Iran". Sure thing, Don.

And the check's in the mail; I'll get to it tomorrow; and I promise I won't......

As if more proof were required, this is additional evidence, clear and unambiguous, that this administration believes strongly in the short attention span and severe mental retardation of the American public. Don't be surprised if the Feds soon start arresting Iranians in the US and charging them with panic inducing crimes like concealing weapons of mass destruction in cellos.

These poor folks will probably be released within a day or two after the charges are determined to be clerical errors made by a new admin at the Justice Department who misread a take out order of Chelo-Kebab to mean Cello-Kaboom. But the damage will have been done with Karl Rove successfully conflating classical music, NPR listeners and Iranian missile capabilities just as easily as he managed to convince 72% of Americans that Saddam & Osama cooked up the 9/11 attack over hummus, tabouli and Bud-Lite.

Osama is still on the loose, Al Qaeda is attacking once again, and Bush, Cheney and Rove have no answers which can mean only one thing: It's time to invade and Iran is just a short drive away!!!

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