Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Hello everyone!!

Viva Roma!!!

Screwwwwww NASCAR. Watching a crazy bunch of Romans hopped up on espresso and driving their Vespas and Fiats as if the first one home wins a date with Monica Belluci may be the best motor sport on the planet.

I'm sitting at St Peter's Square and no one is lining up for the first week anniversary of Pope
Benedict XIVWII's election. Crap. I flew all the way over here and it looks like there won't be any festivities where I can meet scads of Catholic Italian chicks desperate for some liberation theology. Even the Polish babes crying buckets for JP II were better looking than the German Hilda's trudging around with Razingerburgerdorhofschnitzel T-shirts.

I have no idea why the Deutschers are so excited. The last time they had a leader hell bent on world domination through some autocratic ideology, the whole world lit up like Easter candles and the Jews got hosed. So who's idea was this?

I'm headed over to the Trastevere for some gnocchi and possibly nookie if I can pass myself off as a Canadian.

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