Thursday, February 17, 2005


How bad is the situation in Iraq?

Bad enough that career hack John Negroponte, only last summer appointed ambassador to that country, decided to flee before the oxygen runs out and accepted a job a number of more qualified candidates have pretty much told George II to shove.

If I'm an Iraqi, I read this as a loud and clear signal the US views the recent election as problematic and the escalating insurgent violence as an insurmountable problem that will continue to grow in scope.

"Sorry about the mess, folks. I'm sure you can handle things from here, we'll be going now. Oh, and good luck with your new government!! We're rootin' fer ya!"

Negroponte is a typical Bush choice for a highly visible position: loyal, not particularly imaginative and sorely lacking credentials for the job. Lacking that is unless George II and Torquemada Gonzales see Negropontes's tenure as Reagan's ambasssador to Honduras, his role in the aiding of Contras and his turning of a blind eye to death squads and human right violations as the perfect compliment to their approach to fighting terrorists.

As a professional government appointee, Negroponte is savvy enough to know when the getting is good and when to cut and run. He appears to have decided that life in the Green Zone will get much worse before it gets better.

What's easier? Dodging missiles and RPGs while building a democracy, or sipping wine at Georgetown parties while disassembling one?

Monday, February 14, 2005


George II comes clean admitting all the money and lives sacrificed on national security have been spent on an "illusion of safety" as opposed to real safety.

BTW, don't Torquemada Gonzales and the President look like they can't wait for another Texas Style execution binge?

"Hey, Alberto. Who we got on the killin' line this month?"

"We got some great ones, boss"

"Any retards? Maybe a couple of guys whose attorneys slept throught the trial?"

" You got it, Governor. We got some of both!!!"

"Well, as I always say, If your defense snoozes, you get the nooses!!"

"Just sign right there, Governor. No, no, not there. Here, on the line above your name"

Sunday, February 13, 2005


In the drive for the almighty ad dollar, the media has elevated a story about professional baseball and steroids to an undeserving place on page one. Tonight, CBS' 60 Minutes devotes a segment to Jose Canseco, a chucklehead former major leaguer who used to crush baseballs farther than ICBMs and once had a fly ball careen off his skull and over the outfield wall for a home run. Outside of baseball Canseco made a name for himself by dating Madonna and consistently getting photographed and fingerprinted by any number of police forces.

So why the attention? Because he has written (yeah, right) a book in which he claims he and countless other multi-millionaires in cleats were injecting one another with illegal steroids so they could launch inhuman home run shots.

This is news? Millionaires doing something underhanded in order to gain an advantage? Wow, the scales of naivete just fell from my eyes. Should there be mandatory steroid testing for CEOs?

(Imagine the scene at the White House: Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rummy poking each other in the keister with THG right before an invasion. Everyone wants to shoot up Karl because he has the easiest target. No one want to get a look at Don's 70 + bum. Does Condi feel left out? Are steroids sexist?)

Whenever I hear the words "intergrity" and "sports" uttered in the same sentence, my bullshit meter goes code red; especially baseball, a sport with a long history of romanticizing cheating. Gaylord Perry, a pitcher in the 60's and 70's has a plaque in baseball's Hall of Fame despite admitting he often violated the rules of the game by applying a medicine cabinet of foreign substances to the ball making it dip, sail, fly and curve in unnatural ways. Yet, Perry is welcome throughout baseball and loves to regale audiences with tales of hiding vaseline, sandpaper, Preparation H, and circus midgets on/in his uniform.

Sports is mega business, nothing more , nothing less. If these guys want to shoot up, I'm all for it. Let's cut the crap and the hypocrisy and make steroids legal for professional athletes, regulated and administered by say the Department of Homeland Security.

Most important of all, quit treating steroids and sports as if it deserves the same attention as Condi Rice's lies about Richard Clarke and efforts to preclude Al Queda attacks.

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