Thursday, February 10, 2005


The past two days I dropped my better judgment off at the dry cleaners and pulled on my old curiosity sweatshirt, complete with its rips, stains and wrinkles of disappointment and the "I Told You So" logo. Really now; what possible harm could I do by tuning in Air America, the liberal alternative to right wing talk which promotes itself as “Progressive Radio”?

Ok, so I only listened to two shows, “Morning Sedition” hosted by Mark Riley and Marc Maron and “The Al Franken Show” with Mr. Eponymous and Katherine Lanpher. Two shows were plenty, unless your idea of a liberal counterpunch to Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly (and the five thousand other interchangeable and indistinguishable "conservative" personalities reading Karl Rove's talking points) is shtick that wouldn’t see the light of day at Comedy Central.

Air America sucks more than just air and for two reasons.

First off, the level of writing and the production quality of both shows is just above that of junior college radio station broadcasting from North Korea. Thursday, Franken had an opportunity to do something very funny with the discovery that Bill O’Reilly had vastly inflated his collegiate athletic accomplishments in an article he wrote for the official NFL Program sold at last Sunday’s Super Bowl. Keith Olberman of MSNBC, found out that O’Reilly’s claim to have led his conference in punting when at Marist College was just a tad more than specious. In fact, at the time O’Reilly attended Marist, football was a club sport with no conference affiliation and no record keeping.

Instead, Franken and staff performed “Bill O’Reilly - All American” a terrible train wreck of a skit that couldn’t decide if it was a send up of old time radio or a send up of O’Reilly’s pompousness. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t satirical and it wasn’t worth wasting the ten minutes they appeared to have spent creating it, which brings me to reason number two why Air America sucks.

Whose idea was it that an all comedy network was the appropriate vehicle for attacking the Republican Right? Bob Shrum? Did market research show liberals prefer humor over gravitas?

For crying out loud, have the Democrats learned nothing about doing battle with Karl Rove? Knock, knock, who’s there? These fuckers are dead serious. Let's take Iraq as a small example of just how determined they are to sustain power . This administration and its supporters have no problem deceiving the public and shedding somebody elses blood if it advances their cause. I'd say they're pretty damn resolute.

Apparently Air America believes the best way to take the battle of ideas to the public is to offer a poorly produced, amateurishly written series of radio programs humorously pointing out the Bush administration's foibles, faults and fallacies. So while the right cuts throats, the left insists on cutting up.

Guess what? John Stewart does it a whole lot better, and all he needs is a half-hour a day.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Here you go America.

This is the president you elected inspite of the fact he put the screws to you over and over again in the first term; sending your children to war under false circumstances, giving the wealthy a payback tax break for campaign contributions while holding none in his administration accountable for a botched occupation of Iraq.

He really, really cares , doesn't he?

Monday, February 07, 2005



What about a sense of urgency did the Eagles fail to grasp with 6 minutes to play and down 10 points?

Did they forget it was the fourth quarter? Did they forget it was the Super Bowl?
Were they just happy to cover the spread?

The critical question about McNabb is not so much his choice of receivers (he managed to hit three Patriots right in the hands) as about his legs. Where the heck did he leave his running game? The Eagles offensive success in the regular season and two previous plaoff contests relied on Donovan McNabb's ability to run when needed. Yesterday he chose not to run, not even once.


For once hype, over promotion and manufactured popularity took a back seat to talent and timeless music; a great lesson in less is more, sure to be lost on the conciousness of a society where a Paris Hilton is adored and Dick Cheney is one malevolent pretzel removed from the White House.

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