Saturday, November 06, 2004


The Democrats don't deserve the White House.

It's true. If they can't whip an opponent with a record of abject failure, how the hell are they going to run the country?

George II will be preparing his 2nd inaugural speech because the Democratic Party/Democratic National Committee has become the Washington Generals of American politics. Despite holding the White House from '92 to 2000, the Dems have demonstrated a level of ineptitude in the past two presidential races that only rivals the current president's 4 years in office.

Let's look at the facts. In 2000 Al Gore had eight years of prosperity at this back and was running against an unaccomplished trust fund baby and reformed party boy from Texas. He hired an inept and incompetant group of party hacks to run his race (Donna Brazille and Bob Shrum) and proceeded to adopt their populist, whiney loser rhetoric until he managed to hand the race over to the Supreme Court. The Cubs couldn't screw up a race that badly, with or without Steve Bartman.

In 2004, the Dems are up against the incumbent Bush. In his 4 years in office the president has:

1) Mismanaged a war whose justifications have failed to materialize: No WMDS have been found and we now know they never existed. He ignored his generals recommendations that locking down the Iraq and securing the country would require more troops than were made available and we now have a guerilla war being waged daily with no exit strategy in place.

2) Created unprecedented Federal deficits.

3) No president has seen a a net loss of jobs on his watch, that is until now. And economic growth is pretty much non existent.

So what do the Dems do? First, they hold a primary that looks more like an audition for a carnival side show. Including "candidates" like Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton may satisfy a philosophical yearning for an "inclusive" party, but let's get real. For most of America it resonates like some sick joke and reinforces peoples fears that the party is a haven for wackos and is deeply out of touch with reality. That tends to happen when the people you put on the podium are wackos and out of touch with reality.

Next, the party nominates Eeyore Kerry for president. Grave, solemn, stiff as a Brooks Brothers shirt with double extra starch and with as much of a penchant for meandering, muddled, ambiguous speech as the president has for malaprops.

Now with two strikes against them, does the party go bold, go with a winner for campaign strategy? Hell no!!! It hires...... Bob Shrum ( see Steve Bartman above), a career 0-6 in presidential campaigns to inject his listless, useless, still born ideas into a candidacy that is generally agreed to be based on democrats belief Kerry doesn't offend people and that somehow gives him the best chance to win. They didn't bother trying to get James Carville or Joe Lockhart (Clinton's campaign tough guys) into the campagn until it was too late.

These Dems don't get it. It's time for a regime change, alright and the first thing to do is send Bob Shrum to deepest, darkest dungeons of Mordor and lose the key in the fires of Mount Doom.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Inarticulate, down to earth, talks to Jesus, screws up daily, monosyllabic, loves Jesus, sincere, determined to succeed, believes the Bible-literally, xenophobic, homophobic, doesn't read (except the Bible), knows Jesus, one dimensional, oblivious to anything outside his limited world.
And he desperately wants to eclipse his daddy's legacy for any number of Freudian satisfactions.
This describes many a Bush voter and at least the 4 million that made the difference Tuesday night.

It is a carefully crafted image of Bush that Karl Rove and Karen Hughes have fashioned to appeal to that part of the electorate and it works.

He is loved by millions who identify with his failings and shortcomings rather than admire his strengths and successes. It is a cult of personality traits, dumbed down America comforted by knowing one of their own is asleep at the switch.

Massive deficits-no problem. No WMDs-no problem. Economic malaise-no problem. Iraq in shambles and getting worse by the day-no problem. Osama still on the loose-no problem.

He's one of us and he's got God on his side-no problem.

I can't find my passport - problem.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


It's looking like Kerry is going down and a number of news sources are reporting the youth vote never materialized.

If this the case, then the young people of this country deserve Bush and every burden he piles on their lazy ass backs. What was the problem , children?

Couldn't get off the couch long enough to get to the polls? Too many phat video games to play? Too many really sweet reality shows to watch? Just too many distractions in a days entertainment to make the journey to the voting booth?

Pathetic, truly pathetic, but predictable in a culture which values glamour over substance, deifies mental defectives cum millionaires in sports uniforms and rewards CEOs and political leaders as much for their failure as their success.

And by the way, that cold draft you're feeling? It's the door swinging open at the Selective Service Board.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Here goes......

Kerry stuns Bush.

Un-polled (did I just coin a term?) newly registered voters, mostly young, will give Kerry a victory.

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