Saturday, October 02, 2004


Thanks to Governor Schwarzenegger, geese will be able to live in California without fear of having their gullets jammed full and livers distended on the way to providing foie gras for chic menus.

If you are a pharmaceutical company, Arnold has assured your right to continue gouging the state’s citizenry with overpriced prescriptions; the result of his vetoing a bill that would have allowed the state to negotiate with Canada for less expensive drugs.

If, on the other hand, you are a minimum wage earner in “business friendly” Kaleefornia, the Governator just 86’d an increase in your hourly pay ostensibly to encourage companies to locate here and to discourage existing enterprises from packing up and moving elsewhere. So with the cost of pharmaceuticals not coming down anytime soon, you’re just going to have to swallow hard and without any prescription strength relief -- something he decided was too cruel to have happen to web footed hors d'oeuvre manufactures but seemingly OK when suffered by the state's low income residents or AKA, that portion of the population least likely to contribute to his 2006 re-election campaign.

Playing connect the dots is easy to do with the drug monopoly and the Chambers of Commerce. Arnold is paying back his election donors in spades and assuring them he’s aboard for the next campaign. But the goose and gander demographic?

As yet, Schwarzenegger hasn't introduced a bill to give geese driver's licenses and voting rights. If he does, watch out, veal could be next.

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