Thursday, September 16, 2004


There is a vaguely familiar theme in Dowd's column.

Monday, September 13, 2004


With the presidential campaign essentially a contest to see which campaign can spin faster and more deceptively, the smart money says Karl Rove is behind the questionable records regarding Bush's national guard disservice.

Ok, so it off the deep end to suggest that Bush's own strategist would release false documents about the presidents military record. Or is it? Rove's only known talent is that of a dirty trickster who has mastered the art of sleezing campaigning and whose biography certainly tilts in the direction of sociopath.

With the Kerry campaign tepidly retaliating against the attacks on his character by the"Swift Boat Veterans for Mendacity" and the Bush non-plan in Iraq eroding faster than Florida shoreline, who's to say crafty Karl didn't sense an opportunity to take advantage of an over zealous news group hungry for something they could use to skewer his man?

It's perfectly logical to think Rove knew a media outlet like CBS would take the bait, and once the papers were disproven, the Bush camp could point a crooked finger at another biased attempt by the liberal media to cripple his wartime presidency. The story has certainly diverted attention away from coverage of of the administration's disintegrating Iraq policy, an economy stuck in reverse and and three years of anti terrorism efforts that have failed to capture Osama Bin Laden or significantly upgraded the nation's security, which is exactly what Rove wants to accomplish.

And come to think of it, about these hurricanes........

Sunday, September 12, 2004


OK, so I've pointed this out before. Well, I'm going to do it again now the national media has finally extracted its cranium from its arse and come up for air.

The Democrats continue to frustate voters who desperately want John Kerry to take on the Bushies with the same vigor employeed against them. Yet for some unknown lack of reason, John Kerry continues to abide by the overpaid and thoroughly ineffective advice proffered by the greatest loser in the annuls of presidential campaigning, his campaign strategist, Bob Shrum.

Shrum's record in POTUS elections is an uncontested and perfect 0-7. That's right, zero wins, seven losses. His "expertise" has been augering campaigns into terra firma since 1972 and George McGovern. Shrum should be lucky to get a job licking envelopes in a Kerry Edwards office in Baltimore, yet Kerry and the Democratic party saw fit to hire this guy to work his negative magic on the most important race in a generation. (Evidence that Shrum is first rate at licking something.)

Rehiring a career loser is something you'd expect from the old boys, white guy network of professional baseball or football. The Cubs made a habit of this until recently when they hired manager Dusty Baker and the Cincinnati Bengals had raised incompetance to an art form by hiring proven failure after proven failure until they wized up and signed head coach Marvin Lewis.

Why would anyone in their right or left mind hire a man who has proven to be an abject failure?
Does providing hardly destitute Bob Shrum (a wealthy gourmand who wears bespoke suits) a paycheck take priority over winning an election?

If the lowly Cubs and Bengals have seen the light, what does that say about John Kerry?

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