Wednesday, July 28, 2004


In the event you believed the Democratic Party was fundamentally different than the Republicans,  here's your reality receipt.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Ralph Nader has a plan.  Seriously, I've figured out exactly what he is up to given what he is up to seems to make no sense.

Nader knows that the majority of Americans think he's a nut job.  To most of the country he is still a kooky consumer crusader hoping to make helmets and body armor mandatory for everyone riding escalators, elevators and using revolving doors.  He is government incarnate and will regulate everything from investment banks to shoe shine boys while assuring that the morons who should be exiting the gene pool by virtue of their own lack of common sense live to pass their double digit IQ's to a brood of bugger eating, diaper dirtying, fly magnets.

As for becoming president under the current conditions, he has no chance, no prayer and no clue.  But he cunningly grasps this dilemma and is cleverly working to ensure George Bush is elected in 2004. Here's the deal, Nader has no answers to the country's problems and August’s Harper's Magazine proves this out.  In a forum devoted to a Progressive agenda, Nader and five others take up seven double column pages of prime ad space and deliver nothing but self congratulations on identifying that things are a mess and ascribing blame to the obvious culprits.   Ralph and his fellow panelists have nothing to offer their potential constituents but hot air and a cold cadaver of imagination.  So what's a populist demagogue with no popular appeal to do?

Simple. Make sure that the current administration is re-elected and hope that George II pilots the whole damn thing right into the ground.  Yep, keep W in charge and wish for the economy to collapse for everyone but Halliburton and the Carlyle Group, international relations to vaporize, the environment to turn toxic and the Cubs win the World Series. 

Nader's strategy is to help retain the current administration and hope it creates a ruined America that will offer no opportunity, no hope and no alternative.......then doing his best Jean Valjean, lead the disaffected population, armed with pick axes,  pitch forks and Maureen O'Hara, on a full out assault against the Republican and Democrats who have betrayed the people.

Ralph and his populist, progressive platform will remain light on specifics but it won't matter.  Populists never need programs, only demons to vilify and a good demagogue to do the preaching. Ralph knows that he can only win if all hell breaks loose. He is doing his best to ensure that happens.       

Sunday, July 25, 2004


When the dust settles in November, the election of 2004 may well be summed up by the bumper stickers I saw affixed to mini van in Santa Monica this past Saturday afternoon.  The left rear bumper shouted "Anybody but Bush" while the sticker on the right offered the alternative, "Kerry-Edwards, 2004".     
The juxtoposition of sentiments captured the mood of many folks; anger, angst and frustration followed by a muted resignation that Kerry is as "anybody" as it gets.  Reading from left to right I could almost hear the person thinking as they peeled away the backing and carefully adhered their politics to the chrome, "Democrats = Dull, Duller , Dullest".

Re-reading Joseph Heller's epistle to the cynical, "Catch-22", is the answer for anyone asking the question, "Is our world is crazier now than ever before?"   Greed, stupidity, selfishness,  ignorance and evil are eternal and inherent characteristic of the species.  Five percent of the population are socio-paths and fifty percent of those end up as CEOs,  politicians or venture capitalists.    We can't exactly expect peace and prosperity when prosperity for the uber rich is dependent on maintaining a  world in turmoil. 

Milo Minderbinder Enterprises rules the world, always has, always will.  Chocolate covered cotton, anyone?

The weather along the Southern California Coast couldn't be worse.   It's cold and dreary, raining every day with hail in the morning, snow in the evening and the occasional tornado in between.   I'd suggest Florida or Texas or Maine or Cape Cod or just about anywhere but here for a vacation.

We've had to shutter our windows against the hurricane winds and bolt our automobiles to the driveways so they don't fly off at night.  Several reports have small children being lifted up by the driving gales and carried off to  Monterey or, God forbid, San Francisco.  Our  missing livestock is floating ashore with the tide and the women have resorted to wearing clothing.

As a public service I strongly suggest staying away until say Decmember or January when things calm down.




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