Saturday, July 17, 2004


Now and then life presents moments of astonishing clarity and purpose offering hope that there is a grand design in play, but alas, that wasn't in the cards today. 
Another freaky  Santa Monica street theatre performance this morning, this time at the corner of Montana and 14th Streets where a man in his early 20's had set up shop hoping to garner donations for the Democratic National Committee.  The DNC panhandler's pitch "Want to help defeat George Bush?", conspicuously failed to mention John Kerry or John Edwards making me wonder if a "Draft Hillary" movement might be afoot.
A Santa Monica resident of questionable habitat (probably not a street person, but only saved from that fate by a substantial trust fund at work)  decided to approach the young Democrat with some questions and comments.   Resplendent in too small for good taste (or family viewing) gray gym shorts, an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt and devil may care black socks and dress loafers, this individual engaged the unsuspecting solicitor with questions about DNC Chairman, Terry McAuliffe, the longtime Clinton buddy.   I could hear him calling McAuliffe a thief and saying the DNC was undeserving of anyone's money and then reciting a laundry list of Clinton foibles.
At this point the young DNC worker was backpeddling down the sidewalk telling the jabbering fashion plate that he was working, this was his paying job,  and he couldn't spare any time to engage in a debate.  Of, course this attitude only bolstered the local's courage and enthusiasm and before you can say Dick Cheney, he was yelling at the top of his lungs about how the DNC, McAuliffe and Dick Cheney were all in this together. 
I was about to turn a deaf ear figuring that the little switch in the guy's head had turned to the "whacko" position and that lunacy was all that could be expected from then on.  But surprise, surprise, he reverses course and suddenly starts to ramble about Bob Shrum, John Kerry's campaign manager, and how Shrum has never won any of the presidential campaigns to which he has been a participant.  He yells at the top of his lungs that Shrum is a failure that should be removed from the Kerry camp.
"You've got to be kidding me",  I think to myself.  I'm shocked because I know that what this person (who is apparently skipping in and out of reality at a moment's notice) is saying is true, dead on, and that Shrum is Kerry's greatest liability.  Bob Shrum is the Chicago Cubs of campaign managers; a flop, a flounder and always a loser.  Shrum is a political arsonist, lighting campaigns with his populist mantra and watching them burn while he congratulates himself on his ideological purity.
So where did this street corner John the Baptist find a nugget of truth in the eddys of his streaming conciouness ?   I guess that's irrelevant, but for a few fleeting seconds the madman understood, the question is: will John Kerry?

Monday, July 12, 2004


He's back and he's got a sidekick!!

My favorite defender of the right of heterosexuals to breed like bonobo chimps gorged on ecstasy laced bananas,is front and center in the Senate debate on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. But this time around Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania has a Texan, John Cronyn, riding shotgun with him on the Christian Right Express. "Those of us on the side of traditional marriage must not flinch," Senator Cornyn, Republican of Texas, said after the floor debate. "And we should not back down, and we should not allow people to paint our motivations as hateful or hurtful, because, indeed, they are not."

Oh really, how so John? I haven't heard the proponents of gay marriage condemn heterosexual unions or insist that straight marriages be banned. Have you? And please, edify us here: what does it mean to be "on the side of traditional marriage"? . Is there a dodgeball game scheduled, Queers vs Straights, winner gets to define marriage? If your motivations are not hateful or hurtful, then what must they be?

Politics of the chickenshit variety?

The GOP has become a freakshow of intellectual light weights and cowards; sycophants to the religious lunatics who stuff the politician's campaign coffers while desecrating the Bill of Rights. They are organ grinder's monkeys in dark suits and red ties, dancing and performing for peanuts and their masters expect nothing short of dogmatic obedience to their brand of narrow minded bigotry. And politicos like Bill Frist, Rick Santorum and John Cornyn deliver when the whip is cracked.

There is little chance that this ridiculous political posturing will become a constitutional amendment, but that is hardly the point. The Grand Old Party is now the party of limited freedom, big brother government, monsterous deficits and theocratic principles that threaten the separation of church and state the founders believed would preclude religous fanatacism.

The hell with traditional marriage, I just want a traditional GOP.

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