Saturday, May 01, 2004


Iraqi citizens, unlike the al-Sadr led terrorists, have every right to feel anger and outrage at the discovery of US military's abuse of prisoners. Liberation from Saddam and his thugs rings very hollow knowing your liberators apparently enjoy the same methods of interrogation prefered by Hussein. The US needs to punish the perpetrators and their commanding officers quickly in order to have any possiblilty of restoring a modicum of the goodwill that has evaporated with this discovery. The cowards who participated in this activity have provided Al-Sadr and his criminals with more ammunition than the French and Russians could possibly sell them and have done irreparable damage to the cause.

Yet the so-called 'Arab Outrage' heard from other middle eastern countries is laughable. Where the hell were these people when the Taliban was stringing up anyone and everyone who didn't subscribe to their Inquisition? The Torquemada's in turbans were having a field day with their own population and not a whimper from other Arab states. There was no repulsion, no disgust, no horror at seeing fellow Muslims flaying fellow Muslims. Even when Saddam was at his grisly best, the rest of the Arab world was closed mouthed and mute to the evils within the Iraqi borders.

The level of hypocrisy we are seeing in this false outrage is directly proportional to the political stakes in play. If Iraq does become a democracy of some form and success, it proves that the rest of the Arab world is in need of dire change. This is anethma to Arab pride, the current power structures in those countries, and of course, those whose fortunes depend on the staus quo. Thus, Arabs torturing other Arabs is just fine as long as if benefits other Arabs; just ask the Egyptian government which oversees numerous facilities where political prisoners are regularly subjected to thumbscrew interrogation.

This is Arab pharisaism at its zenith and deserves its own lash.

Monday, April 26, 2004


Our homeland security is once again guaranteed against the insidious evils of free thought and expression that threaten the republic. Where would we be without vigilant teachers and a White House Secret Service who understand the constitution as clearly as these folks? I'll tell you where, we'd be awash in high school art projects depicting the president as Satan, Courtney Love, Homer Simpson, Ayatollah Bushola and thousands of other images that could bring down our way of life. We dodged a bullet in Prosser, Washington and let's give our civil servants a big salute for keeping us safe from this level of insurgency.

Speaking of insurgents, no wonder Muqtada al-Sadr and his Fallujah minions are fighting desperately to keep US styled democracy at bay. If we succeed, al-Sadr would have supress his artistic impulse to disrupt Iraqi democracy with his famous works of US backed Iraqi leader, Ahmed Chalabi. al-Sadr's highly coveted macrame art depicts scenes of Chalbi's conviction in abstentia for bank fraud and providing the US with false information about WMDs. These works have been cited by US officials as cheap propaganda aimed at preventing a smooth transition to Iraqi self rule on June 30th, yet nonetheless, continue to fetch six-figure prices at Sothebys and have been compared in imaginative and artistic quality to the stylings of cartoonist Aaron McGruder's "Boondocks" comic strip.

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