Monday, March 22, 2004


Maybe I'm missing something here but isn't the FDA in need of its own chill pill when it comes to putting warning labels on anti-depressants? I could be mistaken, but I was of the mind that prescription drugs were, uh...prescribed? And that physicians and pharmacists informed you about possible side effects that were observed while the drug was in clinical trials?

Insisting that manufacturers place warning lables on a number of prescription anti-depressants might be in order if there were concrete evidence of real side effects such as suicide, but the FDA admits there isn't any proof. So when did the FDA start asking for warning lables for unsubstantiated side effects? Whose ass is being covered with this silliness?

Russell Katz is identified in news stories as "a director with the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research". Katz is quoted as saying, "We don't know that the drugs are responsible for these behavioral changes, but nonetheless we're telling physicians and families to be aware of this and that if the behaviors do emerge, to get treatment right away,"

It appears that the Bush Administration's Iraqi War formula, NO PROOF = TAKE ASININE ACTION NOW, has found its way into the Food and Drug Administration and Russell Katz can't possibly be a scientist; even the most experienced lab coat couldn't pull off that level of bureaucratic bovine bafflement without busting a gut. No, keeping a straight face while uttering that level of nonsense requires a hardened professional flack who has spent years twisting the English language into PR Pretzels. More importantly, what does this kind of thinking bode for the future guardianship of America's medicine cabinets and food shelves?

"We've asked the manufacturers of all cayenne flavored beef jerky products to attach a warning label stating that consumption of this product might cause wife beating, beer drinking and excessive Wrestling Pay for View charges on the cable bill. We don't have any scientific proof of this correlation but we thought it a good idea to slap a lable on these products nonetheless".

FDA WARNING: Eating this take-out Chinese might result in hunger pangs 60 minutes after consumption and thus require an additional order of potstickers. Excessive cell phone use for ordering take-out could be dangerous to your ear lobes.

I can't wait until the FDA announces it will be issuing warning labels for Patriot Act II and the FCC hearings on indecency.

As Groucho once said to Chico, "This is so simple a four year old can understand it. Now, hurry up and go find me a four year old".

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