Saturday, January 31, 2004


Recent figures on consumer debt in America reveal a $2 trillion dollar hole that is going to take some rigorous climbing to escape. The jobless recovery is forcing some people to mortgage the future in order to survive the present. But most of that spending is free form consumerism and American appear to be taking their cue to shop till you drop from the Consumer-in-Chief, George W. Bush.

I have no idea why the Democrats are even bothering this year. George II is spending money the country doesn't have like a drunken senator from the Johnson Administration. The current president’s charge to charge is making FDR look like the tightest tick in the forest. The Democrats should seriously think about drafting Bush as their candidate. Have Bush run against Bush to see who can promise to hike the budget deficit highest! If expanding government is your idea of a good time, if buying off voters by way of entitlement programs gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over, then who better that W to keep running up the tab at the public watering hole and special interest trough?

George II is spending like a teenager who just found Bill Gate's wallet in the men's room at Best Buy. The new Medicare prescription drug bill has become the ultimate home entertainment set; the price escalating the longer you take to get to the checkout stand. "No problemo" says the CIC, "We have 'Master & Commander Card'!!"

Of course you have to have new CDs and DVDs to play so while you're spending someone else's cash, why not drop a few million on the National Endowment for the Arts?

And you can't pass the good ol' Pentagon impulse rack!! Gotta have a couple of those new missile thingies to enjoy while watching the Super Bowl.

Yet unlike you and me, George II will be long gone when the bills start to arrive. He won't have to worry about his credit rating or cash flow. He'll be driving around Crawford with a bumper sticker that reads, "Happiness is having spent your kid’s inheritance."

Thursday, January 29, 2004


And these folks are employed?

From the department of redundancy department at the NY Times. A suicide bomber by any other name.....

Not sure if Senator McCain is looking for a medical instrument or an investigation.

How many metaphors can you cram into one headline? The Globe goes for a Guinness record.

So if he shoots the delegates won't that make the donors impossible to calm?

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


From time to time I come across stories proving that celebrity Stalinism is alive and well. Like their predecessors,(e.g., Lillian Hellman, JP Sartre, Paul Robeson, Pablo Beruda) who opined that uncle Joe was just a poor Georgia boy, the misunderstood and unfairly villified (by the vulgarian capitalists) guardian of a utopian ideal who deserved exemption from criticism on trivial administrative issues such as genocide, ongoing murder of political opponents and state controlled media.

Not to be outdone by the Golden Globes and Oscars, I have decided to bestow the 'JOE' to those thimble heads who either give direct support to Stalin's philosophical successors or behave in ways that the former seminarian turned tyrant would applaud.


The first 'JOE" goes to Al Franken for not so cleverly defending the First Amendment by appointing himself judge, jury and executioner in its enforcement. Franken has apparently enrolled in the "all animals are equal but some animals (that would be Al) are more equal than others" school of tyranny disguised as liberty. He used to be funny but has become pathetically boring and predictable in his intellectual bankruptcy. He is an angry boy who by virtue of being smarter and more caring than the rest of us, believes that he should be driving the collective bus.


This 'JOE' is an ensemble award that goes to Jack Nicholson, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone and Robert Redford for getting cozy with Uncle Joe's Latin clone, Fidel Castro. Nicholson, Stone and Spielberg get the award for their mawkish admiration for a man who summarily executes anyone who is caught trying to leave his 'paradise'. Redford gets tossed in for cynically promoting his new Che Gueverra movie under the guise of an honorific visit to Che's widow.

By the way, I'm all for visiting Cuba. The US embargo policy is a failed one designed to suck money and votes from Cuban exiles in Florida while getting no where in removing Castro. The way to a free Cuba and getting Fidel the Mussolini piñata treatment is through flooding the island with free trade initiatives that will eventually foment revolution. A taste of economic freedom will go a long way to building an appetite for change.

What Nicholson, Spielberg, Stone and Redford have accomplished is providing Castro more manure for his propaganda garden.

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