Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Gee, voters went to the polls with their wallets leading the way. What a shock. So, do I qualify for a job as a pundit(see prediction below)? How come the 'experts'were so dead ass wrong? Perhaps they have a stake in the status quo?

I suspect that the those two smug dance partners currently joined at the hip, politicians and the media, woke up this morning to the reality that disco is dead and that a new political movement may have debuted in California. They can be seen later today hustling their open neck shirts and white suits to the local Good-Will store and adamently denying they ever danced the Hustle.

California voters rejected the establishment's Cassandra calls of doom and chaos to boot a career bureacrat, electioneer and party ideologue from the governorship and replace him with a hybrid (drive that home Arianna) who more closely reflects the views of the general public: socially progressive and fiscally conservative. What a concept, a leader who reflects the composition of the electorate and not the leadership of a political party. Watch out America, democracy might actually break out at any time and God only knows how uncomfortable that would make the powers that be.

Arnie could end up a disaster film of a governor, or he might be the catalyst for a new politics that rejects the shrill, antagonistic and hateful negativism that has become prevalent and seeks a more central course that fosters accomplishment and not acrimony.

Given the nature of the beast, this wouldn't last for long, but it would be nice to give it a try.

Monday, October 06, 2003


It's Monday here in the Golden State and there is more cat fighting and mud slinging than you'd find in a Coors Lite commercial. Every Democrat wanting to raise his/her visibility is making an ass of themselves by trying to lay claim to a moral high ground. Right, as if a politician could find moral high ground unless it had the smell of votes wafting about it.

I find myself back in SF this Monday. It's a gorgeous day and it feels good to be back in the city where groping and coming on to women against their will is just fine if your name is Bill and you're a Democrat.

Mark Leno, a typically deluded member of the San Francisco City Council (of course he's a Democrat-SF is the model of diversity unless of course you are are just to the right of Trotsky) is calling for an "Arnold's Law" that raises the penalties for sexual harassment in the work place. Despite being a piece of grandstanding, this could be interesting in that it might help flush out ALL the sexual predators in government; queer, straight, trans, beastial. And it should apply to members of both parties, not just the ones you don't like.

I challenge Mark to be objective in his moral bleeting and introduce a piece of legislation called "Gray's Law" that will elevate penalties for verbal and physical abuse on the job. Do your job and protect everyone, Mark, not just one group.

Prediction: The October Surprise backfires and Davis is run out by a significant margin. Why? Because there will be more people going to the polls in this election than any in recent history and they will be voting with their pocketbooks. Davis couldn't exactly run against himself, but all along this recall has been about one thing--"The Economy, Stupid".

Sunday, October 05, 2003


The reduction of sexual harassment to political fertilizer noted below was lifted from Andrew Sullivan.com.

Fantastic quote from a "feminist" activist at the anti-Arnold rally yesterday. Film producer and Codepink activist Patricia Foulkrod explained why she was so fervently pro-Clinton and so outraged by Arnold:
"The difference is that Clinton was so brilliant... If Arnold was a brilliant pol and had this thing about inappropriate behavior, we'd figure a way of getting around it. I think it's to our detriment to go on too much about the groping. But it's our way in. This is really about the GOP trying to take California in 2004 and our trying to stop it."

So the ends do justify the means and it's not about legal, ethical or moral concerns but about the specific political preferences of one, or many, interest groups. It's about whose special interests are getting met, not about whether someone was sexually harassed. It's not about justice, it’s about political expedience. It's about doing anything and everything to make certain your candidate wins the day, no matter if truth gets brushed under the carpet.

By introducing the self serving objectivity of politics, sexual harassment has just been removed from the realm of justice and civil rights and piled atop the dung heap of political posturing. It no longer holds moral real estate but is now in the full possession of those that have misused abortion, race, gay rights and other issues to gain and hold office.

Orwell was keen on the idea that ideologues could distort the most benign and broadly appealing notions of social justice to mislead a population into a feeling of safety and security.

Add sexual harassment to that list and give it a decent burial.

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