Thursday, September 11, 2003


The Jersusalem Post ran an editiorial on Thursday advocating the assasination, among others, of Yasser Arafat, the multi-billionaire leader of the PLO. Yasser has earned his cash the old fashoned way, he's embezzled it. For years Arafat has been draining foreign aid to Palestine and unilaterally deciding that Swiss bankers are in greater need than the people he purports to represent.

We often read of African leaders pilfering aid money and building up a sizable portfolio to both control their country and make certain they can escape if the mob ever makes its way to the palace gates. Well surprise, our boy Yasser was not born in Jerusalem as he has always claimed. He is African by way of Cairo.

All the while he has consistently been an active barrier to any progress in relations with Israel, thus creating more strife and isolation for Palestinians and the need for........
more foreign aid!!!! Nice work if you can get it. Prepare to soon see a disembodied black and white kaffiyeh flying from a speeding Benz and a hell of a race to get to Geneva first.

Good news for Californians, Bill and Jesse are coming to Gray's rescue. The two princes of uxoria and victimization will be making visits to your neighborhood to insure you that Gray Davis' only fault is that he is being mistreated by nasty people who don't like democrats. If you read the list of democrats in this link, you have to wonder why they failed to enlist other stellar character witnesses like Jim Wright, James Traficant (whoops, in the Big House) and Two-Faced Lou from the Gambino family.

Someone told me that Britney kissed Madonna. It sounds like two dogs sniffing each others ass at the park. Who are these people and why does anyone care?

The sloppiness of headline writing in both print and on the internet continues to amaze. Where are the editors? Cliched writing is the most prolific offense and a headline at ESPN.com proclaiming an athlete is 'battling alcoholism' is one of the more abused misnomers in print. Anyone with a modest exposure to addiction and its treatment knows that 'battling' is counter productive and that 'surrender' to the reality of the affliction is key to recovery. The story doesn't use the term 'battle' so why does the link?

Using military language to decribe sports activity is prolific and embarrassing. Using it to describe a recovering alcoholic is a disservice to anyone who might be seeking a solution.

Monday, September 08, 2003


The fairies of political surrealism liberally dusted the country yesterday. No news on their effect on global warming but they certainly managed to melt sense and reason into a puddles of goo designed to function as flypaper for the naive.

George II came forth into TV land to enlist the gullible in the war on terrorism, basically using the mess his administration has fostered in Iraq to justify resolve and billions of dollars to fight the very monster they have created. The Bush 2 administration has flooded Baghdad with American beauracrats and corporations to get the city and country operating once again. The result? More chaos than Moe , Larry and Curly could produce if they had been given a Halliburton ham sandwich franchise in downtown Baghdad.

Apparently, it doesn't have to be this way. The NY Times reported last Thursday that the 101 Airborne has been making significant progress in Northern Iraq. Apparently success breeds contempt in the Bush White House because they have yet to replicate this acheivement in Baghdad and other important areas.

Bush has ultimately constructed what he could not prove, that AL Queda and Saddam were slow-dancing together in the Arabian night. This has been easy enough to accomplish given, despite no evidence of the sort, 70% of a recent Washington-Post polling population still believes that Saddam was tied to the attacks of 9/11; by the same token, Elvis lives and the tooth fairy is a Teamster.

In California, Gray Davis was lauded as Grand Marshall in East LA's Mexican Independence Day parade. Davis replaced one A. Schwarzenegger as the politico of choice after he signed a law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses.; a law that he had previously vetoed on two occasions. Suddenly, Davis is a hero among the Hispanic community for flip flopping on an issue that if he retains his office, he may well allow to be overturned if he once again finds it expedient.

Like Bush, Davis' desperation is primarily of his own making, but that reality should never stand in the way of a re-election.

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