Thursday, July 31, 2003


The Vatican has called on politicians of the Catholic faith to oppose any laws that would support gay marriage.
I haven't heard any Catholic politicians warning the Vatican to keep their priests out of our children's pants.

The numb nuts at the Holy See also oppose gay adoption on the grounds that the absence of both mother and father is a detriment to child development and would "actually mean doing violence to these children". I've got to hand it to them on this one, if any group knows about doing violence to children, it's the Catholic Church. I guess living in foster home with no parents is a better alternative than two people who love and care for the child. No developmental problems when you live in a dormitory and are raised by bureaucrats! Just ask the courts.

Better yet, send the little urchins to Catholic foster homes and have the priests....

President Bush has publicly joined the opposition to gay marriage and has said he has lawyers working on legislation to that effect. That should get the economy back on track, stunt terrorist activity and help stabilize Iraq.

Arnold won't be running for governor in the upcoming California recall election and that's a shame. With every publicity junkie and whack job in the state filing under ridiculously easy requirements, it would make sense to have a professional celebrity in the running. Maybe Arianna Huffington will take up the slack-if she can remember which opportunistic persona she is wearing this week.

House Majority Leader and former pest control kingpin, Tom Delay, told the Israeli Knesset on Wednesday that peace between Palestinians and Israeli's was up to the Palestinian authority and Israel was basically off the hook. According to the NY Times, Delay, who refered to himself as "an Israeli at heart", is part of the Christian-Zionist movement that uses their interpretation of the Bible to back up Israeli policy.

Mullah Delay and his fellow theocrats probably have a Biblical explanation for this act of Israeli largesse and peace building.
Perhaps he can refer to the same Biblical passages that slave owners and segregationists used to justify their warped institutions? Sorry, I forgot, Semetic peoples are one race. Whoops.

Delay has stated publicly that he is working to bring the constitution and religion closer together. In the Middle East this is known as Sharia. Here, it's just God's will and a better America.

The Democrats candidates for President are out and out MIA. You get the impression that while the Republicans use gay marriage and terrorism to shrink freedoms, the Dems are all wobbling about, blindfolded and disoriented, like kids trying to bash a pinata. They are more concerned with 16 words in the State of the Union address than in a tanking economy and expanding deficit that should be front and center in their campaign to unseat the incumbent.

At the moment, Dean, Kerry, Lieberman et al would stand a better chance of wining Monty Python's Upper Class Twit of the Year Competition" than the presidency.

I'd vote for Graham Chapman's cremated remains before I'd pull the lever for any of these losers.

Speaking of losers, this pathetic creature get's her 15 minutes of celebrity for changing her name to an appellation which will, according to the story, "get people talking about vegetarianism and animal rights wherever she pulls out her new driver's license -- at the airport, the bank or anyplace else". In other words, she's an intolerable boor who at the ripe old age of 23 is swept up in the kind of idealism that infects all young people with the delusion that their concerns should be everyone's concern.

Note that she is a "youth educator" for PETA. According to the Pope and the President, this person can present heterosexual credentials to the proper authorities and spawn at will.

Sleep well.

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