Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Once in a while unconnected events have a way of converging in the most unexpected ways, delivering coincidences that inspire conspiracy theories but eventually only serve up a good shrug of the shoulders.

Last weekend DickCheney- in full eulogy mode - effusively praised Gerald Ford's debatable decision to pre-emptively pardon Richard Nixon for all crimes and misdemeanors (what if he had been revealed to be a pedophile?). Cheney told an audience that the pardon was an exemplary act of the kind of exceptional executive authority that he and the sitting president find so noble.

While Cheney was waxing nostalgiac about his former boss, in Baghdad, a practicioner of another ilk of extreme executive authority was swinging from the gallows of a execution chamber that looked very much like a converted broom closet. Hardly the kind of inglorious end that Saddam Hussein had envisoned for his vain glorious self but certainly not unexpected given his conviction on the murder of 140 plus citizens.

With a Democratic Congress being called into session and the Democratic leadership having given warning that investigations into the administrations conduct, before and during the Iraqi War, are forthcoming, watching Hussein hung and Cheney extolling the virtues of "pardons" causes one to chuckle at a preposterous motive behind the Veeps comments.

No matter, it does look as if Cheney is hoping to take out a little insurance against the possibilty of indictment and its potential consequences. If things get too hot before the end of Bush's term, perhaps we'll see resignations offered in exchange for exoneration.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Now that I've had a few days to take industrial strength showers and remove the slime and mud from the mid term elections, it's time to bow to the often maligned American Public that Churchill accurately observed ".. will always do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the alternatives".

The electorate did exactly what Bush and the GOP leadership refused to do, enforce accountibility. Poor performance and ineptitude was rewarded with pink slips. Policy failure, limited imagination, hyper expansion of the national debt, rampant corruption and debasement of the principles and spirit of the Constitution was found to be intolerable and deemed cause for dismissal.

In effect, the GOP was tried and sentenced for fraud and all the spin that Rove and company could brew ended up as flat as frat house beer on Sunday night.

Frank Rich's take that the GOP has relied on high production values to create a political entertainent is apt. But the GOP couldn't fool all of the people all of the time and eventually the ratings plummeted: "Bush & Company" has been cancelled and if we're lucky, it won't be picked up in syndication.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The timing of the Mark Foley scandal is beginning to look suspicious.

Only late last month Richelieu Rove promised the Republican faithful that an 'October Surprise" was forthcoming just in the nick of time to save their pork from a November roasting at the hands of an electorate grown tired of incompetance and malfeasance in Iraq, hyper-expansion of the national debt and a domestic insecurity still reeling from last years boffo performance of Homeland Security in New Orleans.

Why now? It's been substantiated that House leadership was aware of this as far back as 2003 and wise men in charge decided that a strong broom and thick carpet were all that was required to make the Florida Republican's indiscrections go away.

Could it be that Foley has been thrown under the bus in order to distract voters from the rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq? Sex scandals always triumph over real issues when vying for the public's limited attention span and the more prurient the scandal, the better.

I mean we're talking sex here; even better we're talking homosexual sex; and even better than that, we're talking homosexual sex with minors. As Edwin Edwards, former Governor of Louisiana famously said, "The only way I can lose is if they find me in bed with a dead girl or a live boy." Well, these boys are very much alive.

Could Cardinal Karl be deflecting attention away from Bob Woodward's latest book, "State of Denial" which presents conclusive evidence that Condi Rice was warned of an Al-Queda attack by then CIA Director George Tenet in July of 2001?

How far would Rove go to limit the public's awareness that Henry Kissinger, the architect of illegal warfare in Cambodia and the assassination of Salvador Allende in Chile is now a trusted advisor in the Bush White House according to Woodward (and substantiated by a taped conversation between the author and VP Cheney)?

From The Booklist's synopsis of 'The Architect, Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Power":
Rove has engineered plans to use the antiabortion stance to attract Catholics, the anti-gay stance to attract black churchgoers, and the pro-Israel stance to attract Jews. Moore and Slater trace Rove's fingerprints on the Bush campaign for Texas governor, where he honed his skills at surreptitious campaigns to smear opponents, often with hints at their sexual orientation.

How far would Rove go to hold power? All the way , baby!! And that includes sacrificing a member of your own party because you can blame the Democrats for politicizing the issue.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


That the President of the United States is mildly retarded ( with apologies to the mildly retarded) or is locked in a 6th grade playground of 'Says who? Says me, because I said so".

Funny how the "best and brightest" of the 60's got Vietnam so wrong and the "worst and dullest" of the new century are doing the same with Iraq.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


With the 5th anniversary of the Al Queda attack fast approaching, I'd like to make a suggestion that no one willl consider and will probably endanger my life.

Let's not do a damn thing to commemorate 9/11. Nothing, zip, zilch, nil, zero.

No speeches or memorial services conducted and attended by politicians intent on shoring up their anti-terror bonafides prior to the November election. No TV specials, mini-series, movies or any other marketing exploitation from corporations.

Let's honor those who perished by giving Osama and his ilk nothing to hang their turban's on; no currrent moments they can use to revel in their past glory, nothing that even hints that the acts of that day had any effect on how we live our lives.

Terrorism feeds on reaction, it hungers to see life disrupted and nothing would do more to dampen its spirit than for American's to live that day as if nothing had occured.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Hell's a poppin' between Hezbollah and Israel and the carnage has become so fierce that Hell decided to get 'the itself out' and relocate to California the past two weeks.

The State Department has apparently been using the "Enron Accounting Cookbook" and the question, "Is Mel Gibson really an anti-semite or just a crazy christian zealot with a martyr complex?", has been answered in the' you better believe it' affirmative.

I especially admire his 'sugar tits" remark to the female cop. Forget a blood alcohol test, lack of wit is as true an indicator of intoxication as anything a lab has to offer.

I couldn't tie these three stories together in an incoherent way much less something that makes an inkling of sense. Besides, it's still hotter than a whore house on dollar day here in SOCAL and my brain has begun a wild cat strike due to inhuman working conditions.

Remember: I'm writing this with a scab working between my ears.

So, Mel succumbed to the local climactic BBQ and decided to have a few drinks of a beverage he wouldn't have chose if the temperature hadn't par boiled his gray matter. The booze shot past what was left of his mind and raced instantly to his tongue where a latent pool of vitriol for the Hebrew faith had been festering for weeks.

While watching CNN in a Malibu oasis, images of the conflict in the Holy Land, combined with the 9 pints of Guiness, flipped Gibson's inhibition switch to the off position and he was seized by the compelling idea that driving while drunk might get him arrested. This would present an opportunity to unleash a torrent of Jew bashing (and other spleen ventilating verbage) in front of cops who might be video taping the whole thing. this, thought Gibson, would be a perfect way to stir up some free publicity for his next movie, "Apocalypto".

The following morning, his head ringing like the dinner bell at the Ponderosa, Gibson regrets his choice of beverages and realizes his career is deep doo-doo. Much to his surprise, a newspaper story reports that the State Department has been using creative accounting to hide major cost over-runs in the Iraqi rebuilding process. Gibson is immediately reminded that no Hollywood movie has ever shown an actual profit on a balance sheet and that his attornies, Goldberg, Feldman and Sokoloff, along with his accountants, Fielding, Abelov and Horowitz will make things right in the world--even if Jesus tells him to take a hike..

Saturday, July 15, 2006


What a difference a Cold War makes! Twenty years ago if the Israeli's and Hezbollah had been going at it the way they are today, the world would be poised for WWW 3 with the US and Soviet warships circling one another in the Mediteranean like the Jets and the Sharks.

NORAD would be on high alert as would NATO and the UN would be making resolutions like a drunk in a holding tank on New Years Eve. The world would be staring into its TV sets anticipating a mushroom cloud to show up in someone's backyard.

News outlets would have been broadcasting the litany of 'diplomatic efforts" underway to bring an end to the situation and 'cease-fire' would be the immediate end game in sight.

Not today, not now. With the bi-polar power axis long since buried in history, two ancient semitic peoples have the chance to blow each other into eternity without interference from two nuclear superpowers: in other words, they get to slit each others throats like they've been doing for 5000 years and don't have to look over their shoulders for big brother.

That is until the current president gets the good word from the Lord on what role the US should be playing in bringing on the End of Times. Then the $3.50 a gallon gasoline will get added to the fire and a regional, tribal blood letting will become another foreign faux pas a la george.

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